Jun. 19th, 2013

camfield: Koolster knows how to use it. (Koolster)
Prompted by Dell
Prowl/Jazz - mechpreg

Prowl gave a vent of exhaustion as he eased his sore frame to the berth.  With his doorwings and now armorless midsection, the only real feasible position he had for sleeping was on his side on the edge of the berth.  A position he found to be the least uncomfortable, and more often than not was tired enough to let him recharge.

Jazz sat at the end and took one pede in hand.  Magnetic pulses probing between tight fitting armor plates to soothe overtaxed neural lines and hydraulics.  Unkinking any wires or cables that had crimped up in their extremely limited space.

Every now and then there was a pained grunt when Jazz hit a particularly sore spot, but otherwise both mechs were quiet in the dim room.  Enjoying each other’s company and the soothing ministrations being lavished on Prowl’s pedes.

It was only when both had been massaged into looseness that Jazz lay down against Prowl’s distended abdominal plating, stroking the swollen protomass with a gentle hand.  His other found one of Prowl’s and they lay like that, curled around each other, until the next morning.


Jun. 19th, 2013 02:08 pm
camfield: Koolster knows how to use it. (Koolster)
For Dell
Sunstreaker/Bluestreak - Toys

Sometimes Sunstreaker forgets that Bluestreak is as young as he is.  He and Bumblebee are close in age, but there are some very telling differences between them.  Where Bumblebee is an attention seeker, a pleaser, Bluestreak is socially nervous and shy.  Bumblebee makes everyone like him, Bluestreak can’t talk to more than two mechs at a time.

Jazz took Bumblebee under his wing.  Sculpted and molded the minibot into a competent actor capable of smiling while he ripped out your throat cabling.

Ironhide took Bluestreak and separated him from the group.  Putting him high above other mechs and honing a superb targeting system capable of more one shot kills than even Ironhide himself.

Sunstreaker had known Bluestreak was young when Ironhide had intercepted his courting.  Had known that the gunner was still emotionally fragile when he began presenting gifts designed for blessings on future sparklings and watched him break down.

He’d held Bluestreak through the night cycle then, wondering what exactly he’d gotten himself into.

Now though, as he watched the Praxian rock their newspark, a crystal rattle gleaming in his tiny hands, he realizes that he wouldn’t trade this for anything.

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