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So, first of the prompts, and this one made me laugh, so HAHAHA.   FOR PEE!

A/N: I apologize in advance to those of you who speak Spanish. ;)

“And you don’t know what happened?  How could you not know what happened?!”

Starscream looked back and forth between Skywarp and Thundercracker, his optics disbelieving.

Skywarp wailed, “I don’t KNOW!  One klick we were talking and the next he was doing... this!”

“Le pasa al delantero... OH, pero la defensa se le cierra a!”

Thundercracker’s hands were clenched into fists and pinned to his side, as though he was keeping them from waving wildly about.   His voice was the same, but the words that were coming out were the most inflected Starscream had ever heard from his trinemate.  His optics were pleading even as the strongly accented words flowed over his glossa.

“Y es pateada nuevo campo, lástima.”

“Do you know what he’s saying?”  Starscream folded his arms over his cockpit.

“It’s, uh, a terran language?” Skywarp bit the edge of his lip.  “One of them?”

“So, no then.”

“Márquez pasa hacia el portero y reajuste de los jugadores.”

One of Thundercracker’s arms broke free from his hold and swept forward, pointing at something in the distance.

“Come on Screamer!” The purple and black jet shot his trine leader a pleading look. “You can’t expect me to actually know any of the squishy languages! That’s Soundwave’s job, mine is to look hot and tear up Autobots!”

Starscream ground  his denta together with a squeal.  “Which is who we’ll have to go to if we want to know what is going on. Fabulous. Wonderful. I can’t imagine a better addition to my orn.”

“Un tiro largo de portero y va directamente al delantero!”

The murderous look that came into Thundercracker’s optics at Starscream’s last comment made them both take a step back.  Skywarp clutched his hands together, looking back and forth between Starscream and Thundercracker.  The blue jet’s finger was still pointing into the distance

“Erm, yes. Well. Right. I’ll just...” Starscream just short of ran out of the room, leaving behind a terrified Skywarp.

“Él pasa! ¡ Otra vez! Se bloquea un tiro y se... ¡No! Es una meta!”

“Just don’t kill me TC, I’ll be good. I promise!”

Thundercracker stiffened up, his mouth opening wide.



In Soundwave’s quarters, Frenzy and Rumble were rocking with laughter.  Pale tears streaming from their optics as they listened to Thundercracker regurgitate the football MC announcer along side a screaming Skywarp.

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