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This is, like everything I write, wildly overdue.  My apologies OP, for dealing with me and my shortness in this part.    First part can be found Here.



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Tonight Vejirazel was working on a lovely bit of Blaster/Soundwave (ONE OF MY OTPs) and I had to provide something, a pitiful thank you, for her wonderfulnessness.  She demanded I put it in a journal, and I obey!  I OBEY LIKE THE SLAVE I AM, MASTER!


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Bluestreak/Thundercracker-sex toys
Rated M
Day 24

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Blaster/Breakdown - Mommy
Rated R

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Prowl/Ratchet-Secrets we Keep
Rated R

Day 25

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Jazz/Prowl-Escaping captivity
Rated PG
Day 26

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Inferno/Red Alert-Phobia.
Rated PG
Day 27

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Title: To Escape, To Surrender
Author: Camfield
Artist: Vesryn
Fandom: Transformers
Characters/Pairings: Blaster/Soundwave, Cassettes
Rating: R
Warnings/Enticements: Mild sexual content, plug n play style interfacing, violence
Word Count (Optional): ~20 000
Summary: The humans ended it. Killed both leaders in one fell swoop before lying in to the opposing forces. Those who could still fly escaped, carrying as many comrades as they could, those who were left behind hid, scattered apart. Blaster got the message, the one transmission they got in before the humans somehow blocked all radio waves. You have one chance. Meet up and we’ll get you out, faction no issue. If you miss out… you’re here forever.

Link to Story:  To Escape, To Surrender
Link to Art:  Blaster and Soundwave

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For the Minor Damage contest here

Universe: G1
Rating: T (for a swear!)
Characters: Steeljaw, Ramhorn, Eject, Rewind, Blaster
Warnings: None

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For the tfanonkink prompt 'first period'  De-anoning because I reheheheally love these.  :D

Universe: G1
Characters: Blaster/Bluestreak
Rating: M
Disclaimer: I don't own it… *le sigh*


I'll probably continue in this prompt, if less frequently from now on, lol!!!

Original fill 

Blaster was hunting. )

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Universe: G1
Characters:  Blaster/Bluestreak

Rating: K+

Disclaimer: I claim nothing but my own poor writing and ideas. 

Written for LadyDragon76, who had an icky day.

Bluestreak had just had an unquantifyingly BAD DAY.

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