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Body Roll

Don't even pretend you don't want to see this amazingness.  Don't even.
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But then, if you've been here long enough you should have expected this.  <3
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Seriously guys.  Don't wear clogs and try to slog through snowpiles.  It ends in cold toes and curses.  XD
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So. In Memphis. Right. We were a... truckload of white people. We are, we knew that.

Suddenly, this black guy comes up and goes, "HEY!  TRUCKLOAD OF WHITE PEOPLE!  I LOVES ME SOME WHITE PEOPLE!  You got a Chevy! I LOVES ME CHEVY!  I'MMA GIVE YOUR TRUCK A KISS!"


I'm dying. Dying. OMG.  You people don't even understand.  I'm DYING.


Sep. 23rd, 2012 10:49 pm
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I may have actually come across another pairing I don't like.  Dood.  I really didn't know that was possible.

Or really, let me amend that.  I have always been 'eh, whatevs' about this pairing, and then I was like, meh, prefer not to read as a main pairing period, and now.  Now, I have zero tolerance for the art, and very little tolerance for the pairing in any capacity.

I don't even know why.


dafuq man

Aug. 30th, 2012 02:46 am
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Cripes.  This stupid story was EASILY the hardest story I've ever worked on.  And in re-reading it, I really think that it shows my lack of focus and disjointed writing pattern.  I TRIED, and that is the key word here, to write scenes, instead of linearly like I normally do, but holy hell did that backfire on my ass.

So, I'm not happy with it, I don't like it at ALL, but it's done and finished.  Meh, what're ya gonna do.  I suppose you can't like what you write all the time.  I'm just glad that I finished it, since it was technically the first big bang I've ever done. XD
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This is for [ profile] gunmaxual, no matter HOW hard she tries to deny and delete, from me and Shibinkies ([ profile] shibara_ffnet)

It was done because while I very much enjoyed writing with the lovely authors that joined in on Deconstruction I also had a hard time dealing with the actual subject matter.  And thus, I default to crack. And sex. And weird shit. XD


Corresponding NSFW imag HERE!

The Kool Aid Man lurks here )
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Since everyone on my f-list has this up, I thought why not?

1. Link me to a fic of mine that sticks with you, good or bad.
2. Ask me a question about it, from 'Why did you do that?' to 'What happens next?'.
3. I will answer, either in meta or fic form. *I'm going to try fic form ya'lls. YES!*
4. Adopt the meme if you so choose.
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I'm bored!  BORED!!  XD

And since my daughter likes this song, and I say song, but really it's like,  4 sentences, I thought I'd see if you all remembered this movie!


WARNINGS FOR ME SINGING!  XD   Might want to put your speakers on low!
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Because I have no idea.

I once again, am pointing at Dellessa.  She made me do it.


Look at your spike.

Now back to me

Now back at your spike

Now back to me

Sadly, that wont fit in me

But if you were the bitch it wouldn't matter

Now look at your valve

now back to me

See that? That is how your valve looks with my spike in it


What do I have

It's a vibrator, that you may use on me

In your hand, now back to me

It's that double dildo you wanted

And all this is possible because I didn't take it up the wazoo

I'm on a turbocat

I AGAIN have no excuses.  *fail*  She was sad, I was there... Things happened!  We all need to google docs together.

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my linkage, so join me baby!

I WANT TO BE CHATTY!! :D  Someone chat with me!  I promise to make you think I'm weird!

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Soundwave/Perceptor - Spring Cleaning
Blame Dellessa and her prompt for this.  XD

Housewife!Percy again.  This is going to be a fucking trope by the time I'm done with it.

I blame Dellessa. And love it. )
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Okay guys, lol.  I'd like to point out that I have never had a story pulled from the ProwlxJazz community.

Just setting the record straight.  :)

Also, I'm more than willing to talk to anyone, so please, if you have a question, don't hesitate to PM me!   I love being chatty~!
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It was bound to happen sometime!  I have officially had my first story pulled from ffnet.  XD

I have to assume it was for the incest, rather than the 'sex', because of the amount of stories that contain sticky.  Oh well.  Another day Another deal.  :)

Meme fun!

May. 21st, 2012 04:12 pm
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I don't remember where I got this, just that I did?   Figured it was about time I posted it. 


How it works: Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, you'll get talking about writing, and the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

Sequel to Rewards-

Bluestreak sauntered into Sideswipe’s quarters, hips swinging in an exaggerated arc as he made his way over to the red twin’s berth.  The front liner was in recharge, splayed comfortably over the foam surface, his vents coming in measured, even droughts

Across the room, Sunstreaker was sitting, optics glowing in the almost dark, watching the gunner and his shadow situate themselves comfortably, both of them, on a chair the second mech had brought in with him.

Sequel to Medic's honor-

Starscream cursed Megatron’s name for the umpteenth time as a patrol flew past his hiding spot.  He was trapped, well trapped, in a small cave, one that was barely big enough for his wings to properly spread out.  He’d carefully dug out the back of the cave so that his legs could slip into the hole and lay on his front, the only semi-comfortable position he’d found so far.  Not that that said much, seeing as he was covered in dried Energon and grit, laying on rock and dirt as the organic materials continued to grind into his joints and seams.


Starscream waited impatiently as his new systems were calibrated.   This was pretty much the second to worst part of coming back from the dead, the WAITING.

Because he could be out, doing things.  Being dead had no effect on his mental activities, hell, not even really on his interactions with anyone else.  It was the effect on the material world that he missed.

Edited to put Domestic Sequel, I can't believe I forgot this one!-

“Please tell me I’m not really seeing what I think I’m seeing.”

Optimus was currently in the command center with Red Alert.  The security director stifling his giggles behind his hands and the Prime dropped to his knees and lifted his arms to the sky in supplication.

The figures on the screen were milling impatiently about the entrance, one stepping forward and-

“Optimus Prime!  You open this door RIGHT NOW!  I’m not going to miss my nephew’s creation day just because you’re pretending to be a prude ass!”


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So far, I've sat on a cat (very unhappy with me), gone to the doctor for my bi-weekly spinal decompression, done various errands about the town, cleaned and done laundry.

Oh yes.  And I saw Sunstreaker out driving in his alt form.  :D



Which made me sad, but then I realized that I'll have this memory forever.

SUCKS about the picture though...  STUPID NOT BEING FAST ENOUGH WITH THE PHONE!  *bashes head against desk*
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Oh man oh man oh man. 

I've been on Ebay again.  That always bodes badly for my money levels, lol.

Other than that,


I'm having word trouble.  WORD TROUBLE!  I don't usually flounder in the lexicon pool, hell, I don't even wade! 


But now, I'm judgmental, and everything sounds, just bad.

Example. The word 'vagina'.  It is a clinical sounding term, not really an intimate one, so writing porn and suddenly getting my mojo thrown off by lady bits is giving me a headache.  I LIKE the word vagina.  I think that writing about the baby passage is fun.  Hilarious in the right setting!  But then we go to the opposite end of the spectrum and look at slang and all I can think is...

(bad joke alert)

Pussy.  but I don't want to do that because IT GETS USED ALL THE TIME.


I know, repeated, bad, terrible and not funny joke.  I had to say it though! Had to!

Seriously though.  You go through the front/back door into the entrance and down the passage and you're in a building.  You have a snatch or a cunt and certain stereotypes arise.  You have a dripping/moist chasm of love (thank you for that) and it sounds HARLEQUIN ROMANCE CORNY!

Robots make it so much easier.  At least when I see valve I don't synonymously think, dick sheathe.

I'm so weird.

I'm going to go listen to She Wolf and write about Spike and Raoul now.  *sulks*
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My daughter did many things today.  Including coloring the dog.  She also upended her bowl of crackers, emptied all the totes of mom2mom stuff onto the floor, and generally wrecked havoc today.

I have so much clean up to do yet.  :(


Apr. 28th, 2012 08:24 am
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I swear to god I can work LJ, SWEAR TO GOD.  Lol!!!  I don't know why I forget crap every single freaking time I post things. Every time!  It's like I subliminally think, 'Okay, this is done, time to post it then edit it a half a dozen times before I can actually leave it.'

One day.  One day I will be FREE!!!!!!!!!!

Or maybe just remember to do everything before I actually press the post button.  I need a checklist.  :p

Edit!  -  Okay, seriously now.  I'm only posting to my journal.  I have the reading comprehension skills of someone who can't read, and should be shot in the foot RIGHT NOW. 

My bad guys, I truly don't mean to be an idiot.
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Okay!  So I know I'm really behind on this, but I saw how to make marbled nails a while ago and FINALLY tried my hand at them.  I used false nails because, lets face it, I'm not coordinated enough to use my own fingernails and expect to come out my proper color.




Mar. 13th, 2012 09:08 pm
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I asked my 3 y/o daughter if she was being deliberately obtuse, she replied with, "I'm not a tuse!"

Which is sound logic, I can't refute her statement...

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