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Prompted by Dell
Prowl/Jazz - mechpreg

Prowl gave a vent of exhaustion as he eased his sore frame to the berth.  With his doorwings and now armorless midsection, the only real feasible position he had for sleeping was on his side on the edge of the berth.  A position he found to be the least uncomfortable, and more often than not was tired enough to let him recharge.

Jazz sat at the end and took one pede in hand.  Magnetic pulses probing between tight fitting armor plates to soothe overtaxed neural lines and hydraulics.  Unkinking any wires or cables that had crimped up in their extremely limited space.

Every now and then there was a pained grunt when Jazz hit a particularly sore spot, but otherwise both mechs were quiet in the dim room.  Enjoying each other’s company and the soothing ministrations being lavished on Prowl’s pedes.

It was only when both had been massaged into looseness that Jazz lay down against Prowl’s distended abdominal plating, stroking the swollen protomass with a gentle hand.  His other found one of Prowl’s and they lay like that, curled around each other, until the next morning.

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Title:  Breaking
Author(s): Camfield
Fandom/Pairing:  Transformers G1/IDW AU.  Prowl/Bluestreak.
Rating:  NC17
Word count:10,248
Warnings: Violence, gore, non-con, dub-con, sexual abuse of a ‘minor’, mechanical pregnancy(mechpreg), dark themes
Summary:  There is rarely something a dragon such as Prowl
wants and does not get.  Whether it is offered or taken, it makes no
difference in the end.  Even when there are consequences for the ones
who stood within his path. 

Art: The lovely Dellessa did
art for my story!
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Prompt -


So...I have a huge thing for human women knocked up with alien babies.

That's really all I want - continuity, characters, whether it's some sort of breeding experiment or if Random Lady A just sexed up a robot and found herself pregnant by magic, it's all up to you.

My only other requests are no mpreg (not my thing) and no death by childbirth - I don't mind if it's painful, but don't kill the woman at the end please.

Super Extra Bonus Points if:

- the pregnancy progresses really fast - the women comes to full term in weeks, days, hours, etc.
- really, really big bellies
- a birthing scene

Don't hate me because I'm weird!



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Universe: G1
Characters:  Cliffjumper/Bumblebee/Beachcomber/Huffer/Hound, Mirage/Hound

Rating: Mature/NC17
Warnings: MechPreg, Pregnany Sex, Public Sex, Multiple penetration!, Voyeurism, Birth, Sticky, Tactile

A/N: Sorry for Hound’s OCC!  I know how I felt at the end of my pregnancy, I can only imagine how he feels past his due date! Also, first time writing with a couple of these minibots.  :p

Prompt -

It's NEVER going to come out! )

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