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Yay finished!  With minutes to spare!

Bluestreak/unnamed mech - I warned you...
Rated NC17
Day 29

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Rodimus/Ultra Magnus-Stop glaring at me.
Rated T
Day 30

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Raoul/Spike- Fragmented
Same verse as “Raspberry Beret”
Rated T
Day 31

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So, i've decided that to kick myself out of this funk I will be writing something and posting it every day from now until Chrissy.  Drabbles, new chapters to already created things, who knows?  Not me!  This is a last minute thing, so I have no idea what is going to come out of it, lol.


Day 1

Characters:  Spike
Rating: PG
Notes: Raoul/Spike is my love! 

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Heh.  Maybe being pathetic wasn’t so bad.
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I am incapable of taking anything seriously. Also, there was no internet in the eighties, as hard as that is to imagine. XD

Fic: G1 - Jazz/Bluestreak - Blowjob = Babies/Mechpreg/Alien Gestation

The first time Carly’s cat hacked up a hairball in the Autobot’s base, Ratchet went into full blown medic mode.  The cat running away, leaving his newly regurgitated coat lying on the floor as a roaring robot gently knelt beside it.  Prodding and shocking the mass of fur for several long minutes before lowering his helm and declaring it inactive.

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Universe: G1

Rating: NC17

Characters: Spike/Raoul, Carly

Warnings: None

I don’t know Spanish, please don’t hurt me!

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Prompt -


So...I have a huge thing for human women knocked up with alien babies.

That's really all I want - continuity, characters, whether it's some sort of breeding experiment or if Random Lady A just sexed up a robot and found herself pregnant by magic, it's all up to you.

My only other requests are no mpreg (not my thing) and no death by childbirth - I don't mind if it's painful, but don't kill the woman at the end please.

Super Extra Bonus Points if:

- the pregnancy progresses really fast - the women comes to full term in weeks, days, hours, etc.
- really, really big bellies
- a birthing scene

Don't hate me because I'm weird!



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My first competition and I got second!  All the entries were great, so I was really surprised! 

Title: Raspberry Beret
Rating: R
Genre: Romance/Humor
Characters: Spike/Raoul, Tracks, Bumblebee
Warnings: Crack!

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