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Part 4

It was hard for Ralph to let go.

Even though he knew that his friends were gone, it didn’t always feel fair.  He would be staring out at the screen and remembering little things.  The way her skin felt when it touched his.  The warmth of her tiny body sitting on his shoulder or curled up against his chest.

He uses Felix as a replacement, but it’s okay because Felix uses him as one too.

Ralph knows his limits now.  What and where he can and can’t be.  The Nicelanders don’t remember before, only he and Felix do.  So he can’t just show up in the penthouse, not that he really wants to anymore.  It’s easier to stay laying in his bed, breathing in their combined odors.  His overalls are frumpy, more so than usual, and his shirt is missing buttons from where Felix had ripped the shirt apart one night before they had sex.

The handyman had offered to fix it afterward but Ralph enjoyed the reminder, the claim.  It wasn’t a handmade cookie medal, but it was something.

Felix is rough most nights.

Not that Ralph minds.  He’s big and sturdy enough that even when Felix is at his roughest it’s nothing he can’t take.  The scratches and bites free him in a way.  So he offers his body up as a blank canvas for Felix to rage against in the safest way they have.

Then sometimes he takes control.  Pinning Felix down beneath him and leaving him no breath to howl in rage.

For him, there is a distinct satisfaction in turning the handyman’s anger into pleasure.  He is thorough, gentle and slow.  Always taking care to ensure that each and every time he satisfies Felix’s needs first before himself.

His hands are perfect for holding Felix down.  Large enough that they cover nearly the other’s whole body.  His thumbs move in soothing circles.  Stroking whatever skin is nearest with the barest touch.

Ralph loves to kiss Felix, something that had surprised even him.

There were nights when he only had to hold the smaller man down for a short while.  Kissing him until whimpers of neediness broke through and Felix’s struggles weren’t to get away, but rather were to reach up and hook his arms around Ralph’s neck.  Pulling him as close as possible while they spoke to each other with the twining of tongues and meeting of lips.

It wasn’t hard to forget for a moment, for an hour.  Not when their bodies are pressed together.  Ralph takes pleasure in kissing each inch of Felix’s body from baby smooth chin to the arch of his foot.  He loves nuzzling the soft post-orgasm cock until it is hard again.  Lines of wetness against his face that he transfers to Felix’s stomach and thighs.

He finds that he enjoys his head buried between Felix’s thighs.  Mouth slowly mapping out each patch of skin, tongue leaving behind stripes of saliva.  Holding the handyman down as he deliberately draws out each movement until Felix is begging for release.

Some of the time he’ll come just from watching the other man orgasm.  Hot semen rushing down his throat and cock going flaccid in his mouth.  A kiss pressed to each testicle and the inside of each leg.

Felix hates it when Ralph takes away his control, but also relishes it in a way.  In giving up his control he is no longer allowed to make decisions that might hurt the others that live here.  The sex is frequent enough that he is never given the chance to get back to where he was.  He is always distracted before it gets too bad again.

And Felix likes when Ralph’s hands cover him, warm and soft like a blanket.  He likes being kissed as if he is the most important thing in the world.  Ralph gives head like it’s an honor, and it’s impossible for Felix to resist.

He also likes it when they are on all fours with Ralph behind him.  When that huge and heavy cock is slipped between his thighs and he clamps down.  Each thrust stroking their erections against each other.  Ralph is too big for penetrative sex, but this is hardly a poor substitute.  Especially when they rock together, the slap of flesh filling the bedroom.  Moans and slick noises, each a symphony created by the pleasure they take in each other.

Here they resolutely ignore the what-ifs and could-have-beens.  Here they resolutely ignore the painful memories that threaten to consume every inch of their internal memory.

They couple understanding with unrestrained emotions.  Sex turning into a therapy that soothes hearts and minds.


There is fire that burns beneath the surface.

Felix knows that he doesn’t love Ralph the way he loves Tamora, but there is a growth that has burgeoned to life between them.  Swapping code so often with the same person creates a connection that any would be hard pressed to ignore.  He finds that more often now, instead of hearing his wife cry out, he hears Ralph’s gutteral grunts.  That instead of a feminine gasp, he hears a deep masculine growl.

And for a time he tried desperately to distance himself.  Pulling away and into himself.

Ralph had been angry.  Almost as angry as that first party in the penthouse.  He’d shook with rage when Felix had all but kicked him out of the house.

“Get out!”

“Just tell me what’s going on, Felix.  We can get through this.”

Felix threw one of his shoes at Ralph, chest heaving and hair tangled.  Ralph rather uncharitably thought that he looked like a deranged hobo.  Albeit a decently good looking deranged hobo.

“No!  I refuse to keep this charade any further.  You aren’t Tammy and you’ll never be.  I’m done playing whore, Ralph!”

Ralph stared for half a minute before the words worked themselves through his brain.

Whore.  Felix thought he treated him like a whore.

In the very back of his mind he realized that it wasn’t true, that Felix was just having a bad night, but the word took root and he exploded with anger.  A roar coming out of his mouth as he swung a massive fist at Felix.

“Whore?!  I treat YOU like a whore?!”

Another swing and it caught the edge of the door, knocking it off it’s hinges and into a tree where it shattered.

“YOU’RE the one who calls out someone else’s name!  YOU’RE the one who only wants to, to fuck!  Not even connect any emotion or not pretend it’s someone else, because who in their right mind would want to have sex with Ralph, is that it?”

He grabbed Felix up by his shirt, other fist pulled back, his eyes blazing with anger and hurt.

There was a flash of fear in Felix’s face and Ralph stalled his trembling fists.  Dropping Felix to the ground and turning away to the forest, slamming his hands against trees, rocks and whatever else happened to be in his way.

Felix had followed the trail of destruction the next morning to where Ralph was sitting in a copse of trees.

That was the first time he’d given Ralph something back.

Felix didn’t really know what he was doing.  Tammy had always taken the lead during their lovemaking, he just had to do what she told him to.

This was his first step.  This was something he needed to do for Ralph, and for himself.

Ralph didn’t look at him as he approached.  Not until Felix was in his line of vision did he even acknowledge the handyman’s presence with a grunt.  Felix just fidgeted for a moment, unsure.

Giant arms dropped from where they were crossed over Ralph’s knees to the ground.

“What do you want, Felix.”

He sounded tired.

Felix didn’t say anything, he didn’t have anything that he could say.  The words were caught in his throat, choking him with the emotion he wasn’t ready to show.

Instead he dropped to his knees, undoing the fly in Ralph’s overalls and pulling out his cock before the Wrecker had a chance to stop him.  Gently squeezing the soft flesh, determinedly not looking up at Ralph’s face.

A hand on his head made him pause, but when it didn’t push him away he leant forward and licked the slowly stiffening erection.  Taking the soft groan as encouragement and licking it again, shifting his hands to get a better grip on the base before mouthing the head.


That voice wasn’t Tamora’s and he almost pulled away.  Forcing himself to take more of the large cock into his mouth and licking the underside.

Spit gathered and had nowhere to go but down his chin as he carefully bobbed back and forth.  The taste wasn’t great, but it was more that Ralph was undeniably male.  You couldn’t mistake him for a female in any way shape or form, ever.  The noises he made, the tightness of his hands on Felix’s head and shoulders.  Each served as a reminder that Ralph was Ralph.

With each movement, it grew easier to focus on Ralph.  With each movement Felix appreciated Ralph a little more.  He knew that this was probably a poor blow job compared to the ones he got every night, but he was trying.  Trying to mend a rift before it got too wide and he was again alone.

Trying to care for a man who wasn’t his wife.

That had been the first of many reciprocal efforts on Felix’s part.

Ralph understood, he’d been there.  He was more forgiving than Felix had ever given him credit for.

That started the fire.

He learned to see what he had as a gift, just as he had seen Tammy as a gift.  It helped him when the glitches came and went.  He became proficient in the art of distraction, for himself and Ralph.

It was a fire that they both banked with care.

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