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This is, like everything I write, wildly overdue.  My apologies OP, for dealing with me and my shortness in this part.    First part can be found Here.



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Totally caught up bro!  And I should have actual not suckfic out this week!  Yay!!!

Skyfire/First Aid - Truth
Prompted by Dell
Rating PG
Day 14
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Jazz/Starscream - Nibble
Prompted by Dell
Rating T
Day 15
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Hound/Ravage - Biting
Prompted by Dell
Rating NC17
Day 16
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Thundercracker/Seaspray - At the beach
Prompted by Dell
Rating R
Day 17
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Jazz/Prowl - Archery
Prompted by Dell
Rating: PG
Day 18
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Title: What we have...
Author: [ profile] camfield
Artist: [ profile] spectrumpheonix
Fandom: Transformers
Characters: Hound, OC
Word Count: 10,400~
Rating: R
Warnings: Highlight to view.   Violence, war, death
Summary: In the heat of war there is very little that is fair. Sometimes everything that you hold dear is ripped from your grasp and buried kicking and screaming in front of you. One person can change the tide, just as one person can fade into the background. Hound only knows that when he watches Blaster with his symbiotes, his spark fades a little more.

Link to fic! ~ What we have...
Link to art! ~ The lovely Spectrumpheonix and Dellessa One,Two
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From the Bunny Farm.  This caught my eye and I had to wonder why Hound wouldn't be allowed to advertise he is a cassette holder.

Hound is a hidden Tape Deck or Cassette holder – he doesn’t advertise the fact, because nothing’s wrong with Blaster, and really, there is only need for one active, healthy Tape Deck at a time.

Universe: G1
Rating: PG13
Characters: Hound, OC
Warnings: None

Every time Hound saw Blaster interact with his Cassettes it ripped out another, small piece of his spark.

They didn’t need another mech with symbiotes to care for, both in terms of energon cost and in space cost, and while Hound’s function was important, it wasn’t as important as Blaster’s.

So Blaster got the symbiotes, the extra space and energon, and the extra work.  Hound would creep back to his shared quarters each night and pull up a holopicture of his own symbiotes, arms wrapped around him and smiling as his long dead friend had taken the shot.  

Reaching out to ghost fingers over the image, spark aching, subspace pocket empty and emotions spilling out.  

He popped his dock door, like he did at the end of every cycle, and took out the shell of his last symbiote.  Carefully turning the dead cassette over in his hands and manipulating it from recorder form to the snake like creature it had taken after. Running his servos from head to tip of the tail, opening his chest plates and holding it close.  The room glowing as coolant tears dripped down to splash over cured metal.
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For WriterAnon, who sent me something I HAD to continue with.  :)

Can't wait for your fic to come out girl!

Universe:G1? AU.
Characters: Hound/Mirage/Starscream
Warnings: None

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Title: Best of the Worst
Author: [info]camfield
Rating: K
Genre: Comedy
Verse: G1
Characters: Hound, Beachcomber, Optimus Prime, Sunstreaker, Sideswipe, Cliffjumper
Warnings: None
Other Notes: Don't own, such is the pity

First place in the Spring Thaw contest!

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Universe: G1
Characters:  Hound/Cliffjumper
Rating: M
Warnings: ‘Breastfeeding’ with robots having semi accurate human breasts. Heavy comfort kink.  Sticky.
Disclaimer: I claim nothing but my own poor writing and ideas.

Original Fill

Chapter 1
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