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Give me a pairing and a kink, and I'll write something dealing with it

Stolen from Dell who stole it from someone?  And I figure that it'll help me get back into the grove to finish my Bang stories!
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Prompt orgy time!  We give each other prompts and write for fifteen minutes!  A fun exercise to get your juices flowing!
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In the prompt orgy and your work is still in the document!  Please copy it over to your own files!  The space will be cleared before the next party, and I'd hate for someone to lose their work!!!  The link is the same, will stay the same.  So please please please make sure you get your work!!!!

Thank you!

Sep. 22nd, 2012 02:55 pm
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Thank you to Dellessa, LadyDragon76, AnonFeather and PatricktheWriter for coming and playing with me!

I had a great time, and while google was a pain in my (and others) ass, I hope they enjoyed it as well.  :P

I'll try to start doing them at least once a week at least?  Just because with the workload I have at college this semester I need my fun writing time quotient filled. T^T

<3  alls joo!
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Alright beetches, here it is.

I'm FORMALLY REQUESTING YOUR PRESENCE to share prompts and laughs in a safe and secure environment.

Okay well maybe not safe or secure, but hey, we were all fine before so...

Come on guys.  Let's orgy. 
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[ profile] shibara_ffnet is to blame for this prompt.  XD  We had another party!

Scavenger/Hook - “PRIMUS, WHAT IS THAT?! GET IT OFF ME!”

Read more... )
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The ever fabulous [ profile] nkfloofiepoof, [ profile] dellessa, [ profile] shibara, [ profile] lady_aquill and I had a prompt orgy!  This is what came about!  Check their journals for more fabulousness.  XD

We had a prompt orgy!  Or, name/name -  prompt, with a time limit of 15 minutes.  These are the unpolished, not beta'd and AS THEY  ARE responses godpleasehelpIdon'tknowwhathappened.  >.>

All are rated NC17, and all contain content of varying consent.


Prompt [ profile] nkfloofiepoof 1: Ravage/Howlback - Set this night on fire (FEMALE RAVAGE)

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Prompt [ profile] dellessa 3: Jazz/Prowl/Bluestreak/Smokescreen- A Game of Chance? That was never my style.

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Prompt [ profile] lady_aquill 4: Skywarp/Megatron - Pranks, a time and place.

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Prompt [ profile] shibara 5: Grimlock/Mirage - "Let ME explain YOU"

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Traded prompts with Dellessa!  These are the ones she chose for me. :)

All drabbly.  Nothing long.

Soundwave/Bluestreak - Vocal )

Ratchet/Starscream - You were always a jerk )

Jazz/Datsun Trine - Nobody's business )
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Because I have no idea.

I once again, am pointing at Dellessa.  She made me do it.


Look at your spike.

Now back to me

Now back at your spike

Now back to me

Sadly, that wont fit in me

But if you were the bitch it wouldn't matter

Now look at your valve

now back to me

See that? That is how your valve looks with my spike in it


What do I have

It's a vibrator, that you may use on me

In your hand, now back to me

It's that double dildo you wanted

And all this is possible because I didn't take it up the wazoo

I'm on a turbocat

I AGAIN have no excuses.  *fail*  She was sad, I was there... Things happened!  We all need to google docs together.

Hey I just met you, and this is crazy, but here's my linkage, so join me baby!

I WANT TO BE CHATTY!! :D  Someone chat with me!  I promise to make you think I'm weird!

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Soundwave/Perceptor - Spring Cleaning
Blame Dellessa and her prompt for this.  XD

Housewife!Percy again.  This is going to be a fucking trope by the time I'm done with it.

I blame Dellessa. And love it. )

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